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Please check that the title is not already submitted, by searching for the gymnast's last name here:

and please also check the list for the appropriate and alternative spelling variations (opens in new window).

Please also note if you would like to add a music title that has been used in multiple years (e.g. music of the routine in 2010 is the same as 2009), which already appears in the list, it is sufficient to fill out equal to [year] in the music information fields (e.g. Music posted for routine in 2008, then just submit Title "=2009", Album "=2009", Artist "=2009").
Alternatively, check the modification box, fill out the music information fields as usual and mention in the comment field the gymnast/group has been using this music for multiple years.


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I would like to write back and thank each of you who post titles, but I don't have enough time for it. I hope you'll accept this big THANK-YOU in advance!


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