Alternative spellings

Due to different interpretation in transliterations (e.g. from Cyrillic to Romanized charaters), alternative spellings are in circulation. Upon submitting a music title, please follow the guidelines below. The rationale is that we would like to keep the list as uniform as possible, and to avoid confusion on naming conventions. The spelling variation that has been used most over the years will be used in the music list. This list does not use local adapted variations (such as German use of -eva and -ova into -ewa and -owa respectively, e.g. Jelena Witrichenko or Amina Zaripowa).

Last and first name in use Other spellings known not being used
Alyabyeva, Anna Alyabieva, Alyabiyeva
Barsoukova, Youlia Yulia, Barsukova
Batyrchina, Yana Iana, Ianina, Yanina
Bessonova, Anna Ganna, Bezsonova
Charkashyna, Liubov Liubou, Livbov, Cherkashyna, Charkachyna, Cherkashina, Charkashina
Garaeva, Aliya Alya, Garayeva
Godunko, Natalia Nataliya, Natalya
Halkina, Katsiaryna Galkina, Ekaterina
Kanaeva, Evgenia Evgeniya, Evgenya, Eugenia, Eugeniya, Kanayeva
Lukyanenko, Larissa Lukianenko, Loukianenko, Loukyanenko
Maksymenko, Alina Maksimenko, Maximenko, Maxymenko
Pisetsky, Katerina Katya, Ekaterina, Pizezky, Pisetskaya, Pizetsky
Risenson, Irina Risinson, Risinzon, Risenzon
Rizatdinova, Anna Ganna, Hanna
Sessina, Vera Sesina
Serebrianskaya, Ekaterina Katerina, Yekaterina, Serebrianska
Shynkarenko, Viktoria Viktoriya, Shinkarenko
Tchachina, Irina Tchatchina, Tshashina, Tchashina, Tschachina
Trofimova, Ulyana Uliyana
Vitrichenko, Elena Yelena, Olena, Vitrychenko
Utyasheva, Liasan Liasana, Liaissan, Liassan, Outiacheva, Utiasheva, Utiacheva, Outiasheva
Yerofeeva, Tamara Erofeeva, Yerofeyeva, Erofeyeva
Yussupova, Aliya Alya, Yussoupova, Yusoupova, Yusupova
Zhukova, Inna Jukova


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