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Last name or GroupFirst nameNOCApparatusYearMusic titleMusic fromComposer
Yerofeeva Tamara UKR Ball 1998-1999 Specialist The Specialist John Barry, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra 
Yerofeeva Tamara UKR Ball 1999 Heat Miser Massive Attack 
Yerofeeva Tamara UKR Ball 2000 I Spoved Bustrayakov 
Yerofeeva Tamara UKR Ball 2001 Bare Island / Hijack / Nyah (Film Version) / Injection Mission: Impossible 2 Hans Zimmer 
Yerofeeva Tamara UKR Ball 2001 The Skulls, The Race, Reprise The Skulls Randy Edelman 
Yerofeeva Tamara UKR Ball 2002 Surrounded The Man in the Iron Mask Nick Glennie-Smith 
Yerofeeva Tamara UKR Ball 2002-2003 Spring Love Giovanni Marradi 
Yerofeeva Tamara UKR Clubs 1997, 2001 Libertango Astor Piazzolla 
Yerofeeva Tamara UKR Clubs 2002 In the Tunnels / Hummell Gets the Rockets The Rock Harry Gregson-Williams & Nick Glennie-Smith & Hans Zimmer 
Yerofeeva Tamara UKR Clubs 2003-2004 El Tango de Roxanne Moulin Rouge Ewan McGregor & Jose Feliciano & Jacek Koman 
Yerofeeva Tamara UKR Hoop 1997 An Unending Story (Alternate) / An Unending Story (Film Version) Basic Instinct Jerry Goldsmith 
Yerofeeva Tamara UKR Hoop 1999-2000 Mr. Mellow / Megalith T-Square 
Yerofeeva Tamara UKR Hoop 2000 Main Title Enemy of the State Trevor Rabin & Harry Gregson-Williams 
Yerofeeva Tamara UKR Hoop 2001 Barbarian Horde The Gladiator Hans Zimmer, Lisa Gerrard 
Yerofeeva Tamara UKR Hoop 2002-2003 Barbarian Horde, The Battle The Gladiator Hans Zimmer 
Yerofeeva Tamara UKR Hoop 2003 Dark Machine (from Swordfish) Paul Oakenford 
Yerofeeva Tamara UKR Hoop 2003-2004 Baba Yaga Pictures at an Exhibition Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky 
Yerofeeva Tamara UKR Hoop 2004 Theme Pirates of the Caribbean Klaus Badelt 
Yerofeeva Tamara UKR Ribbon 1997-2000 Grand Central (from Carlito's Way) Patrick Doyle 
Yerofeeva Tamara UKR Ribbon 2000 The Tunnel Part 1 Enemy of the State Harry Gregson-Williams / Trevor Rabin 
Yerofeeva Tamara UKR Ribbon 2003 The Appartment / At the Bank / Hotel Regina The Bourne Identity John Powell 
Yerofeeva Tamara UKR Ribbon 2003- 2004 Act 1 finale Death of Giselle, Love Scene Giselle Adolphe Charles Adam 
Yerofeeva Tamara UKR Rope 1997 Gopak Vladimir Bustriakov 
Yerofeeva Tamara UKR Rope 1998 Luna de Paris Raul di Blasio 
Yerofeeva Tamara UKR Rope 1999-2000 Main Theme The Saint Graeme Revell 
Yerofeeva Tamara UKR Rope 2001 Frenazo Bedazzled Tony Phillips 
Yerofeeva Tamara UKR Rope 2001-2002 Plaza of Execution / Lifetime loving you / Leave no Witnesses The Mask of Zorro James Horner 
Yerofeeva Tamara UKR Rope 2002 Tribal War Black Hawk Down Hans Zimmer 


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