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Specify the fields that you'd like to search for (normally last name, country, year, composer or music title), leave the others blank.

Gymnast last name:I.e. Kanaeva, Kan or eva
Gymnast first name:I.e. Evgenia
Country code:I.e. ESP
Apparatus:I.e. ribbon or 10 clubs
Year:I.e. 96 or 2013
Music title:I.e. Intrada
From movie/show:I.e. Swan Lake
Composer/artist:I.e. Pyotr Ilych Tchaikovsky or Tchaikovsky
Added since: Date: month: year:
Type of routine: Individual:
Status: Verified:
Unverified (newly added):
Unverified (missing info/possibly incorrect):

Example: If you wish to find Russian gymnast only, type RUS as country code, select individual and/or group, and/or exhibiton, and click search.

Example: If you wish to find all use of Swan Lake, type Swan Lake in the music title box (or the From movie/show box). If you want only Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake, instead of specific versions, also type Tchaikovsky in the composer field.


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