Revised 09.07.2002

This list is created with help of RG fans from all over the world. It is no single person's property. This means that the name of the list should never contain a person's or a company's name.

- The name of the initiator of the list, however, should never be left out from the page. The initiator is Vilje Arnestad (may she rest in peace). All contributors should also be credited on the page.

- The list should be available to everyone, and as a website, as opposed to mailing list or paid service.

- The design of the site should be made as simple as possible. No multimedia plugins (apart from those for playing sound clips) are needed, nor are javascripts, java applets or extensive use of images.

- All gymnasts competing in international competitions, and all national team members, should be allowed on the list. That includes music titles for the years before they reached international level. Club team groups that are chosen to represent their country in international tournaments should also be allowed.

- The music list is non profit. The service can never be made payable, not by subscription and not by payment-per-information. No commercials to gain profit are allowed.

- The list cannot be connected to illegal activities. Illegal activities include distribution of MP3 files or soundclips that are not accepted by the music artist, composer and record company.

- The music list cannot be "copyrighted", because everyone can watch video tapes, recognize music titles and make their own list (regardless of what is on this list). However, it is not likely that someone will be able to make a list of this size, right from scratch. This means that copying and re-publishing the whole list should be reacted to, while re-publishing selections (for example only Finnish gymnasts, only 1989 WC, only gymnasts that used music X) should not be forbidden.

- The person who manages the list should, as far as possible, verify music titles submitted by others to ensure that wrong information is not posted.

- The person who manages the list should make sure she/he is capable of doing the job. When there no longer is time to update the list at least once every 2nd month, it is time to pass the work onto someone else who is willing to.


- Ordering of individual gymnasts:
  * Gymnast surname
  * Gymnast first name
  * Apparatus (alphabetically)
  * Year

- Ordering of groups:
  * Nationality
  * Year
  * Apparatus (alphabetically)
     + routine with 2 apparatuses - lowest number first (i.e. 2 Balls + 3 Ribbons)

- Composers of the same song separated by ampersand (&)
- Different songs (titles and composers) separated by slash (/)
- When only the soundtrack is known, the title is listed as "Theme"


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