How to use the site:

The RG music list now lives in a database. That allows for several nice features:

The most important is much easier updating. I can add submissions from the users with one single click. This means much more frequent, but smaller, updates.

Because of the frequent updates, updated titles are not coloured. If you want to see the new titles, you can use the advanced search and specify how old titles to show (for example, since date of your last visit).

In the advanced search, you may choose to display unverified titles. Titles that are recently submitted by users (or me) and not checked, are shown in blue. Titles that I have checked, but not approved (missing information or doesn't seem quite right) are shown in red.

Miss the old system, with one page per letter? You can have exactly the same lists by typing the letter in the textbox on the first page!

I have only just started using databases and php, so expect new features! For example, I plan to allow you to select which column to sort by. Other wishes? Contact me!


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